LumiPLEXEL greatly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and lifts skin, whilst promoting collagen and elastin production. A LumiPLEXEL treatment is so versatile that it can be used to target a number of concerns on both the face and body.

For your peace of mind, prior to booking any appointment, we require all potential clients interested in receiving Lumiplexel Treatments attend a FREE consultation with our Technician to assess your needs, suitability and determine the most appropriate form of treatment.

During your consultation Jay will be able to answer any questions you may have about your skin concerns and give you personalised advice. If the decision is taken to proceed with a treatment, you will need to book another appointment for the treatment at the salon.
Client safety is of utmost important to us and in order to protect our clients and our reputation Beauty Above is monitored by the Care Quality Commission

LumiPLEXEL treatments

Results are long-lasting and continue to improve over a period of months after treatment, as new collagen and elastin develops:

Tightens skin | Improves skin texture | Tones | Contour

LumiPLEXEL delivers real results


We recommend you avoid any Anti-Wrinkle treatment if any of the following apply: Eczema, Conjuctivitis, Cuts and Abrasions, Bruising, Recent Scars, Blepharitis, Styes, Sunburn, Cold sores, Impetigo, Ringworm, Pregnancy, Vascular Disorders, Currently or recently used Accutane, Have an active cold sore breakout, Have a skin infection, Have a moderate to severe skin disease(like psoriasis), Are receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy, pregnancy, taking anticoagulants, Have a history of Keloids, Hypertrophic scarring or poor wound healing, pacemakers or other electrical devices, Metallic plates or pins, History of keloid scars.


Pre-treatment Recommendations: To be on the safer side of minimising and bruising risks it would be best to avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, herbal supplements, vitamin E, and fish oil at least one week prior to the treatment day if permitted. It is recommended any use of retional products, topical antibiotics, exfoliants etc are avoided 48 hours before treatment. We also recommend avoiding sun exposure or tanning(including tanning beds and self-tanning products~) for a minimum of 24 hours before the treatment.

After care advice:
please be advised that you may experience mild redness and erythema, pinpoint bruising, peeling or swelling for one to three days after treatment. Some clients experience a histamine response with additional swelling. You may apply an icepack to the irritated area for one to two hours, in approximately 15 minutes intervals, Redness for 3 to 5 days is a common side effect. No lotions, makeup or other topical products should be applied on the treatment area on the day of the procedure, then continue use as directed by after 24 hours. It is important to keep your skin hydrated and use a minimum factor 30 sunscreen UVA/UVB(applied multiple times a day) make this a part of your everyday routine, use a moisturizer that has SPF included. It is recommended to have a minimum of 3-6 treatments, each treatment being 4 to 6 weeks apart for maximum benefit of the RF Micro needling. New collagen formation takes 3 to 6 months to develop. Please be patient. Once desired results are achieved a maintenance treatment should be done every 3 to 4 months to maintain results.( for RF Micro needling body treatment 6 to 10 months are recommended.) To maximize results RF Micro needling can be combined with other treatments including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, photo facials, and fractional resurfacing.

reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Non-Surgical treatments

Non-Surgical Treatments deliver tiny electrical impulses. Microcurrent stimulation helps to re-educate the muscles and can lift, firm and tone. 

laser hair removal


We offer a range of hair removal services including Tea Tree Waxing, Threading, Electrolysis and Advanced IPL treatments

HD brows, LVL lash lift


Our experts can give you a flattering tint and shape to transform your brows & lashes from fair and sparse to full and fabulous. 

manicure and pedicures in Banbury

manicure & pedicure

From french to gels, neons to neutrals, a professional manicure or pedicure will put the perfect finishing touch on any outfit.

micro blading semi-permanent make-up


Our skilled technicians can enhance your features with a full face application of natural makeup, or alternatively can provide semi-permanent enhancements.

Elemis Facials at Beauty Above, Banbury

Elemis Facials

Browse our range of Elemis facials delivering skin that glows from within. Elemis the number 1 luxury British skincare brand.

Re-energise your system and recharge your energy levels

With regular Vitamin B12 injections - administered in-salon by one of our advanced practitioners.
Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers can subtly smooth, soften, contour and tone the skin; restore youthful plumpness and enhance and define your features.

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