Microblading Client Consent Form

Microblading is a procedure that can only be performed by a trained and qualified specialist using approved equipment to implant coloured pigments into the skin using sterile needles. The treatment requires your full consent and medical history disclosure so that your consultant can confirm you are a suitable
candidate for the proposed treatment.
Your consultant will discuss the benefits and risks of the proposed treatment, and record the consultation. This form will be used for reference on subsequent visits.
It is essential that you highlight any areas that require further clarification or discussion to ensure that you are fully informed before a treatment commences.
Your consultant will discuss the procedure in full, including what it will involve, the healing process and further treatment where necessary. You will then be provided with written aftercare information for you to keep and refer to during the healing process.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY – PLEASE SIGN WHERE INDICATED, ONLY when you are happy to proceed. Ensure all points below have been discussed with your consultant and you understand and accept these terms.

Terms of your treatment:

  • You have chosen a cosmetic procedure that is not medically necessary.
  • Microblading is an art process – not an exact science – and cannot guarantee an exact colour result due to how colours can heal differently in all individuals. The selected colour will be darker immediately after treatment. This darker colour should exfoliate and lighten within 7-14 days after treatment. Lighter colours fade faster than darker colours, and all colours can change with time.
  • You may be required to return for additional treatments before your procedure is deemed complete. The payment for any additional work (if applicable) will be agreed prior to procedure commencing. Additional treatments cannot be performed for 4-8 weeks (depending on treatment) after initial procedure. This is in order to allow the initial treatment to heal fully.
  • Your consultant will use a treatment plan to record the colours you have chosen, anesthetic used, needles used and pre and post treatment photographs.
    This information will be held securely in your consultation record.
  • The skin type of every client is different and colour should remain visible in the skin for several years (in some cases indefinitely). The pigment will be present permanently but not necessarily be visible. A re-touch procedure will be required periodically to keep the procedure looking fresh.
    After each treatment some swelling or redness may occur. In some cases there may be bruising. Your consultant will recommend solutions to reduce these symptoms. Throughout the treatment you may experience some discomfort, but your consultant will reassure you throughout and endeavor to make you comfotable.
  • Pigments used in Semi Permanent Make Up differ to the inks used in tattooing.
    You must adhere to aftercare instructions given to you. This is very important and will ensure you prevent infections after leaving the clinic. You must let the treated area heal properly. Avoid picking, plucking or knocking as this will hinder the healing process and could make the treatment appear uneven thus requiring further work.
  • Be aware that skin altering procedures such as plastic surgery, implants and injectables may alter the Microblading look.

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